The home-grown podcast that talks about “Success through People”.

THE Mehan Podcast is where experience meets strategy.

We talk to experts like you who unveil real-life stories and practical strategies

As the stories unfold, our audience should be scribbling down practical takeaways, mentally applying them to their own leadership & growth journey.

The podcast is aligned with our Vision to build thriving workplaces contributing to the growth of UAE's GDP

Our collective mission as Home Grown leaders is to collaborate with talent partners and leadership experts

↳ “Let's give back to UAE & Emirati community”

Be our Guest on the "The Mehan Podcast"

Let's give people a backstage pass into the minds of successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers?

This isn't just talking; it's inspiring learning through the power of story.

Through compelling narratives, we''ll transport our listeners into the heart of real-world leadership and hiring challenges.

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